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Jewellery Shop Rushden


Welcome to our family run jewellery boutique in Rushden!  Here at Crystelle Belle Jewellers we love hearing about your weddings, and special occasions.  Whether you're searching for wedding rings, a special birthday or anniversary gift, or maybe just because!  We can find you something beautiful and meaningful from our jewellery collection, either in store or online.  


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Wedding Rings

An eternal reminder of the love and commitment you make to each other on your wedding day.


diamond engagement rings

Engagement Rings

If you've found 'the one' and you are ready to show your love and commitment, you need the perfect engagement ring to create a memorable proposal. 

Featured  Jewellery Collections

We offer an ear piercing service in our Rushden store.  We use a professional piercing system, which is safe, sterile and hypoallergenic.  It is the gentlest ear piercing possible, which is great for younger children and nervous clients!  

The piercing is carried out in a private area, with a choice of many stylish studs to choose from.  Prices start at £25 for earrings, piercing and aftercare solution.

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