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Jewellery Repairs Rushden

If you have a broken chain, or you've lost a stone from a treasured ring.  We can help get your jewellery fixed and wearable again.  We use a reputable fully insured goldsmith to carry out your jewellery repair.


Please see our guidelines below for more information.  In order to get an actual quote we will need to see the piece of jewellery you need repairing.   


The prices below are just a guideline.  We need to see your item to give you an accurate quote.  In some cases, such as stone replacement in a ring, the goldsmith will need to see the ring to match the quality of the stones.


Sizing from                     £50

Rhodium plating           £35

Claw re-tipping from    £35

Resetting from               £45

Replacement stones     POA


Chain repair from                £25

New clasps from                   £25


Charm solder                           £8

Supply/solder jump ring       £15

Chain repair from                   £25


Solder post from                     £20

Cement Pearls from                £15

Swap to fish hooks from        £35


Image by Marek Prygiel

We can change the batteries in most watches, and have a watch specialist we use for any repairs your watch may need.

Watch batteries fr £12

Watch strap adjustment          £8

Batteries & straps on a next day service.


How long will my repair take?

We personally take and collect  jewellery repairs over to our workshop once every week.  We ask you to allow up to 21 days from the date marked on your receipt.  Most repairs however are completed within 14 days

Is my precious jewellery safe?

We understand how sentimental jewellery is to people, and we take the utmost care of your jewellery while it is with us. We are insured and all jewellery is kept in our safe, then transported to the workshop.  On rare occasions we may use Special Delivery to do this. 

Why can't you quote me immediately on my diamond / stone replacement?

Stone replacements and especially diamonds, have to be matched with the stones already present in a ring or piece of jewellery.  In order to give you an accurate quote, the goldsmith must inspect the piece first.  In some instances we may need to have a stone specially cut. Before any work is carried out we will advise you of the cost

Do you guarantee the work carried out?

We offer guarantees on repairs on a case by case basis, and will always advise you of this at the time of taking in the repair.  Most repairs are guaranteed for 6 months from the date you collect your jewellery. This does not include chain repairs.  Chains that are worn every day are subjected to increased wear, and once broken will always be weak in that link.  However if a chain should break again within 30 days in the same place, we will repair it for free one more time.

What happens to my jewellery if I don't collect it?

We carry out your repairs on trust, and no payment is taken until it's completed.  If you do not collect your jewellery, we will make every attempt to contact you.  If after 12 months, it's still uncollected, we will consider it abandoned and recoup our costs accordingly.