6 Lockdown Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas They Will Love! ❤💍

Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for surprise proposals of marriage. It's the most romantic day of the year. Let this be the year you give in to Cupid, and make this a day to remember by getting down on one knee.

We've scoured the net to find the best ways to pop the question, despite lockdown and Covid! So if you’re looking for ways to propose, check out our six best Valentine’s Day proposal ideas!

1.The locket of love If you don’t want to propose with a diamond ring, why not say it with jewellery instead? This idea is for the true romantics, and you can’t beat a beautiful locket, with a secret note inside. She will treasure it forever, and it will always remind her of this day! Pick your moment, and present her with the locket Get ready to snap her expression when she reads your proposal! All you need to do then is choose the most perfect ring together.


2. The key to your heart

Devise a treasure hunt around the house. The objective is to find a key which will open a locked box. Inside the box you can put the final 'clue' which will say " Will you marry me?" or the actual ring! Design some romantic clues and hide them all around the house and garden.

3. My Sweetheart

This one might remind you of your childhood! Yes it's a bit cliché, but it's perfect for those who love a bit of retro!

Just get a tube of Love Heart sweets, find the 'Marry me?' sweet, and either present it directly while down on one knee, or put it in a box, then you can choose the engagement ring together!

4. Propose with a diamond that’s out of this world If you know that bling is the way to her heart, then pop the question with one of our diamond rings. Plan a romantic date night at home. Set the table with all the best crockery, not forgetting the scented candles! Then either cook her favourite meal, or get a take away. After the meal, choose your moment and present her with the most gorgeous diamond she could have hoped for, then share your happy news with a super-sparkly engagement selfie.

5. Go on your favourite walk Pick a day for a lovely walk together. It may not be your usual one, but you can still find some lovely areas near to where you live. It’s the perfect excuse for holding hands and talking about your first date memories together. When you feel the time is right, get down on one knee and pop the question!

6. Decorate your house Wait until your partner is out, or asleep, and set up balloons, candles and rose petals for a really romantic proposal. When they return (or wake up) they will be delighted to find a beautifully decorated house! Remember to get some champagne in to celebrate afterwards!, then video call with your nearest and dearest to share the wonderful news.

However you decide to propose, it will be a memorable occasion. One you will both remember forever. Let us be a part of your journey! We can work with you to find the perfect engagement ring at the right price. See our range of engagement rings here

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day, even if it is spent in lockdown! We must celebrate everything in these difficult times, and find the light where ever we can. 💍❤⚘🍾🥂😘

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