My first blog post: A Fresh Start!

So this is my first ever attempt at a blog. I wanted to write about how Crystelle Belle came about and my journey in getting here. It all started in 2004 when my sister Crystal and I set up a bridal hair and make up business travelling around Northamptonshire. I was qualified in beauty therapy & make up and Crystal was qualified in hairdressing. We were successful and did many weddings over the years and we absolutely loved our job. Everything was going great until a few years ago, when I became quite unwell and could no longer do make up and beauty for clients. If I'm honest it made me feel a bit of a failure, especially when I would have to refuse brides wedding make up requests. I decided I had to retire from the beauty industry and concentrate on other things, but it would always bother me whenever I heard of a client having a bad experience in beauty or wedding makeup.

I went for treatments myself in that time and found a wonderful therapist (Hanan) who was trained by a French skin care company like myself, but the majority of therapists I visited were not up to standard at all, and it made me question whether they were even qualified! I know it's not against the law to practice beauty therapy or even hairdressing without a qualification, but I believe it should be for the sake of the industry if nothing else.

Anyway I digress! the point i'm making is that I thought I'd lost my passion for make up and beauty, and that I'd never have the confidence and drive to be as successful again! Crystal never stopped doing wedding hair, but she always missed us being together in the business. 2018 was the year I realised that I would always be a make up artist and beauty therapist, I just cared about it all too much, so I decided that I would return to wedding makeup with my sister.

2019 is a fresh start for me, I don't know if we'll be as successful as we were before, especially with YouTube and Instagram it seems everyone is a MUA lol, but I am certainly going to try!

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