I'm not a 'Pink' kinda girl!

At least that's what I've always said. I would never pick pink clothes, jewellery or decorate any room in my home pink. But lately I'm inexplicably drawn to it. We've added it to our business colours of gold glitter and cream. We're redecorating the home salon with it, and I've ordered all new pink towels for my beauty treatments. I think it looks great! It's also (slightly) influenced my choice of make up brand - Too Faced, whose packaging is mostly a beautiful pink and gold with a vintage vibe.

I was wondering what makes us choose certain colours? Most of my wardrobe is black, and blue with a few splashes of red thrown in. I always choose blue or green stones in my jewellery, and my home decor has always been neutral greys, beiges or blues. I used to think pink was so tacky and childish, so why the hell have I suddenly done a complete 180 on this colour? I decided to look into the psychology behind my new favourite colour, and found the following information on www.colorpsychologymeaning.com

The colour pink in the western world is obviously associated with the female gender and femininity. It is also associated with love, caring and understanding. Pink is made up from a combination of red and white which is where it gets some of its characteristics from. It gets its passion and energy from red and its peace and tranquillity from white.

While red is more associated with passion and lust, Pink is a softer more caring colour which is more associated with romance and love with a more sensitive side to it.

Pink has a caring, compassionate and affectionate influence on people. It’s associated with love, nurture, peace and romance.

Maybe the reason why I now choose pink more often, is because i'm actually feeling more like the description above. I've suffered most of my life with depression on and off, but I feel like I've overcome it, and I'm now in a happy fulfilled relationship, which is radiating out in all areas of my life! The only trouble is my obsession with matching items. I'm currently replacing everything to fit in with our new pale pink and gold theme in the salon, and in my make up kit! You should see the gorgeous new pink and gold brushes I've ordered, and look out for my new pink and gold wedding makeup look,

modelled by the stunning Courtney!

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