October Birthstone - Opal

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

What's the birthstone for October? The stunning and transfixing stone that seems to pulse with it's own internal light, the Opal is the traditional birthstone for the month of October. ‘Opal’ translates ‘to see a change of colour’, which is a perfect translation for a gemstone that radiates a rainbow of colours throughout.

A spiritual and inspirational stone, the opal can enhance both imagination and creativity. The changing colours and iridescence of the opal is due to millions of tiny silica spheres in different sizes - the larger the spheres, the more impressive the ray of colours.

This 9ct gold cushion shape opal ring is encrusted with pave diamonds with a twist to the shoulders.

Opal has even been found on Mars, making it's description of 'Otherworldly' a strangely true fact!

What is the birthstone for Libra? Libra (23rd Sept - 23rd Oct) is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and ruled by the planet Venus. Librans are artistic, and lovers of beauty, which is reflected in the stunning Opal gemstone qualities perfectly. Every opal is unique, with a range of pretty iridescent colours radiating from each gem. An alternative to the October birthstone is the pink tourmaline. Featured here are silver stud earrings set with sparkling pink cubic zirconia This birthstone set is fabulous value for a gift! The matching silver pendant set with pink tourmaline is perfect for someone with a birthday in October. Click on the pictures to order or view.

How about something different for the October birthday ? We have the birthstones jewellery, the zodiac jewellery, and now we have birth flower jewellery! These beautiful and unusual pieces make a great gift for the person who has it all! The October birth flower is the Marigold. Reminiscent of the deep Autumnal shades of orange and yellow, the Marigold birth flower stud earrings are made of sterling silver, plated with a bright gold. The October birth flower pendant matches the marigold studs.

New to our opal jewellery collection is this stunning Fire Opal! perfect for those who don't like traditional opals, the beautiful deep orange tones are perfect for autumn. This beautiful 9ct gold oval shape fire opal pendant is surrounded by a swirl of pave diamonds

Team it with the matching 9ct gold fire opal stud earrings for a perfect gift for October birthdays or anniversaries.

9ct Gold Opal Pendant

If more delicate jewellery is your style, this beautiful 9ct gold opal and diamond pendant is perfect. It's reminiscent of vintage designs that are classic and the timeless beauty of opals shines through with the diamond clusters.

This range from Elements Gold comprises a pendant, matching stud earrings and a beautiful ring (pictured above)

There's sure to be something you love in this collection.


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