The Day The Earth Stood our shop anyway 😏

This is what I saw when we went back into our shop today. Time stood still. It's weird! We have started prepping for our reopening. Yes, that might be a bit premature, seeing as how we haven't had the go ahead to reopen yet. But Crystal and I are trying to use our time constructively and finish all those little nightly jobs we couldn't get done before.

We've been so lucky to get a government grant to help us keep open. Once all the expenses were paid there wasn't much left, but as long as we can open again mid June at the latest, we just might be ok.

We unfortunately lost some wedding bookings, but that couldn't be helped. We have managed to reschedule most weddings for later in the year and next year.

I feel quite optimistic today. I've been working every day uploading our complete range to our online catalogue. It's a mammoth task, and I look at other sites with a large product range, and feel sympathy for the web developers! 😏

I think we will be lost in an ocean of other jewellery sites, but we have to try right?

I've also discovered a great little app called Canva. I know I'm probably late to the party on this, but its fantastic at making insragram and Facebook posts look more professional. And it supplies loads of free templates too!

This week's blog is short one, as I'm making the most of my new optimism, and getting a lot done before I crash lol.

I'll update next week!

Bye for now x

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