We are not that type of jewellers!

"Sorry we're not that type of jewellers." Well that's what I used to say when the good people of rushden would come into our jewellers asking if we bought gold.

I'd always associated pawnbrokers and cash for gold types of businesses, as dealers in others misery, and sometimes a bit dodgy! I definitely didn't want to be a part of it. I admit it was judgemental of me. I think I've watched too many films, plus my overactive imagination has me creating dramas where there are none!

The other part of buying gold off customers face to face is the risk. As jewellers we all face the real risk of robbery and fraud. Rushden jewellers have not had any armed robberies during the day (as far as I know) but I was a victim of a fraud style robbery while working for the previous occupiers of our premises. One day a well dressed man in a 3 piece suit walked in, and pointed at the engagement rings. He spoke very little English, but was very polite. He chose a ring, I packed it and he paid for it. I didn't think anything of it. He returned the next week and dealt with my colleague who sold him a pair of diamond studs and a pendant. Unfortunately it came to light he was using stolen cards! We had a fair amount of customers from overseas who used cards that had a different way of processing, which is why we missed it. We were mortified, but it was a lesson well learnt. We are wiser now with protocol in place to protect us as much as possible 😏

That was some years ago now, but 2020 has certainly been a most horrible year for everyone. I have been trying to work on my mindset. Anyone who knows me knows I am no Pollyanna! While I've accepted I'm never going to be a naturally positive person, I'm trying to control my response to things, and flip it around. Look at it from another perspective.

So with this new philosophy in mind, I realised crystal and I are in a position to help people. Especially now during these difficult times. Going into a jewellers, and speaking to an actual person about selling your gold, is more reassuring than posting it off and having to wait for payment confirmation.

Now we have another reason for customers to visit our jewellery shop. And I get to use our new fancy gold testing machine 😊

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