We're Open For Business ....Now to Market!

So we've been open 2 weeks now. Its very slow for us. I wasn't expecting to be overrun, but I guess I was expecting things to be moving a bit faster by now. Its going to take time. Crystal and I aren't the most patient of people lol 😆

I've been uploading our online stock catalogue to our website a bit every day. But I realise I need professional help now to get the website found!

I've been trying to increase our social media presence too. It's so hard for me! I have never been a snap happy person, and it's not natural to me. I do regret that I don't have lots of photos of my life to look back through now. My son naturally documents his day through snapchat and instagram. I'm sure you don't want to see photos of my incessant coffees though...

My fave coconut latte 🥰☕

Thinking what to write is the hardest thing, to keep people engaged and interested. We are mainly a wedding jewellers but we do hair and makeup too. When marketing consultants ask me who our audience is, I say mainly brides. But our every day sales come from passersby who are buying for gifts. So we have to have a large range of jewellery available to tempt them!

Although I need to direct my marketing ideas to attract customers, I think this blog will evolve into what I like writing about. I've always been fascinated with the earth, what it's made of and what comes out of it. If I'd been more academic I would have become a geologist. The beauty and vast range of natural gemstones is astounding. I guess a jeweller is the next best thing! 💎

My other passion is history. I love reading about myths and legends! Where they came from and the relevance today. It's so interesting how gemstones have their own myths and legends that have built up around them. You've probably heard that Opals have an unlucky association. There's lots of reasoning behind this that I'll explore another time.

But for now, back to the marketing course and Insta!! 🥰 Xx



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