Wishes & Wedding Season!!

Wow it's been some time since I wrote in this blog, and what spectacular changes have happened in my life since then! Firstly since I decided to get back in to doing weddings, it's like the Universe has kick started everything. Now we've gone from getting a vintage caravan to take to weddings, to actually opening up a wedding studio. We may still get the vintage van in the future, I don't know yet.

So we've been doing the wedding fair circuit recently, and we've met some lovely brides-to-be and their wedding parties. It really does boost my confidence when we talk to people at these events, I love doing them and hopefully we'll get lots of future bookings through them.

Speaking to Brides, I've found that the fairs can get quite tedious after you've been to a couple. I know there's usually the same suppliers exhibiting for one! Maybe a virtual Wedding fair is the way to go. Still, there's no substitute for meeting the exhibitors in person. I do think that especially in my line of work, you need to build a rapport with the people you're working with, and there's no better opportunity than a wedding fair. At Crystelle Belle Weddings, we are thinking of ways to make the experience more rewarding for brides. Maybe by recreating a salon experience at the fairs, and a way brides can try out mini treatments or a quick foundation match etc.

Here's a photo of me doing a teenage bridesmaid make up demo. The model is my beautiful niece Daisy!

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Bridesmaids Make up Demo
Chantelle doing a Bridesmaid Make up Demo

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