Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are arguably the most important thing about the wedding day.  It's the part of the ceremony that is sealed by the giving and receiving of rings.  Your wedding rings symbolise your love and commitment to each other, and will be a lasting reminder of your special day.   Browse our collection of wedding rings to find your perfect style.

Book a one to one wedding ring consultation in our boutique in Rushden, where you can try a selection of wedding ring samples on, essential if you want to see how it looks with your engagement ring.  

Choose Your Wedding Ring Style

plain wedding rings

Traditional wedding rings never go out of style. Three basic shapes. Available in silver, gold & platinum.

diamond set wedding rings

Fancy adding some sparkle?  choose from a wide range of designs for ladies & men's rings

shaped and contoured wedding rings

Shaped & Contoured Rings

Get a perfect fit for your engagement ring, with shaped and contoured wedding bands.